Resident Evil 2 PC Disk 1 [RES2 LEON].iso Torrent [CRACKED]



Resident Evil 2 PC Disk 1 [RES2 LEON].iso Torrent

the graphics of resident evil 2 were highly praised by critics, and feature many innovations and technical achievements, such as the use of parallax scrolling and 3d models. [57] [56] [57] [56] [56] [56] for example, the pre-rendered backgrounds were rendered with a new color palette, and the models’ skin tones were influenced by their distance from the camera. [57] [56] these backgrounds were also fully animated, unlike in the original resident evil, which had static camera passes. [56] [56] additionally, a new stylized lighting system was employed, which allowed the game to portray its horrific scenes in a more realistic manner. [57] [56] this system also enhanced the atmosphere of the gameplay, and made the series’ iconic 3d models appear to be a step closer to reality than their predecessors. [11]

resident evil 2 is a third-person survival horror video game developed and published by capcom and released in 1998. the game follows protagonist leon s. kennedy and his partner claire redfield after they are sent to investigate an incident that occurred in raccoon city. during the exploration of the city, the two encounter several obstacles and fights with mutated and monstrous creatures. leon and claire must find a way to escape the city and survive the infection. later on, the two realize that the city is a prison and the monsters are actually inmates. the game introduces several elements not seen in the original resident evil, including minigames, puzzles, and various weapons.


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