Chokher Bali Movie 720p

Chokher Bali Movie 720p

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Chokher Bali Movie 720p

its an engaging, well-crafted and beautifully shot period drama that serenely tackles the tricky topic of a man looking for love when his social status is well below that of his prospects. set in early-20th century bengal, it unfolds in elegant, sometimes lyrical, sometimes claustrophobic glimpses of the lives of the chokher bali family, whose deeply patriarchal society reduces their daughter binodini (aishwarya rai) to an object and relegates her to the role of nurturing wife and mother. her marriage to mahendra (sunil dutt) is more about upholding the family honor than anything else; shes neither his love interest, nor his sexual partner. she is his wife and his property.

the wedding night of binodini and mahendra is a poignant, if also somewhat arcane, interlude in the lives of the wily patriarch and his charming, fiercely independent wife. but their marriage remains at best a drawn-out chore, with binodinis position as an unremarkable person plucked from wedlock, as she struggles to reconcile her daily existence in the household with the freedom of her imagination as she pursues the unending quest for meaning. the romance, and some very stirring final scenes of sex and passion, are pivotal for the rest of the story, but dont have to be. and unlike the world-weary way the camera tends to linger on sexual couplings in low-budget indian movies, this encounter is given a special, meditative treatment.

as for binodinis subsequent life, theres a twist. nearing the end of the film, the camera pans back over the chokher bali family as we see that the now-fatherless young woman, who is in her late thirties, is once again the center of attention and the reason for the film, and, the reason for everyones fascination. binodini has just been asked to perform in a play at calcuttaand, she graciously agrees. but once again were told much more than we could have known. no one in the audience has any idea how the play turns out. binodini returns to the village the day after, but when the play is finished, we see the chokher bali family gathered in the house, where binodinis parents and brother and sister have visited her, with the exception of her stepmother (shabana azmi) and mahendra.[april2022838


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