Kung Fu Panda 3 (English) 720p Movie Download |LINK|

Kung Fu Panda 3 (English) 720p Movie Download |LINK|

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Kung Fu Panda 3 (English) 720p Movie Download

as such, the film is at its most engaging when its simply being what it is: a rollicking bouncy romp, the broad strokes of which bear that out, with attempts at deepening and examination making the feel clumsy or twee (with three of the four episodes clumsily using the plot as justification for offbeat cutesy moments). there are a handful of episodes that have moments that are self-aware of being geared towards children, and in fact are, but that tone is welcome and needed after years of the somewhat redundant and corny shrek films. its just one of the joys of a movie like this is that the characters are so perfectly designed that theyre both incredibly fun to watch and also completely suited to the whimsical tone of the material.

the characters are so well honed, that its exciting to see that they can somehow also be perfectly silly at the same time. po makes is first appearance in this series as a present that master shifu gives to young po for his birthday. the birthday boy, however, just doesn’t want it, looking up through his arms and eyes to glimpse an opportunity to return the letter-poem-turned-present. unexpectedly given a real gift, po takes it to his noodle shop, where he parodies the original presentation to customers, which is, of course, just as annoying to them, and everyone gets into a big uproar in typical kung fu panda fashion. that obnoxiousness just becomes the character trait of the entire adult po throughout the film.

the adult po throughout this film is somewhat of a parody of himself, but thats not at all to say that its its own separate entity. the humor of the character comes in with his attempt to act like a proper adult, and that always throws him back into the realm of being the absurd, naughty, lovable doofus he is, instead of trying to be responsible, controlled and proper. that concept is just a constant thing through the series, and it gives the characters an important and inspired presence.

the animation is great, and the colors are vivid. the films action sequences are set in colorful palettes that serve to heighten the drama. the animal characters are terrific, and some of the cameos are big, winking fun. the music is superbly sung and performed, and it adds to the story, just as the many portions that are voiced by a number of famous voiceover artistsadd to the story, as well as their varied levels of strangeness. and the whole thing is beautifully staged, from the way the action unfolds onscreen, to the massive chase scenes. the producers of kung fu panda have done exactly what they set out to do: create a truly compelling and spectacular whole. every single individual element of the feature adds to its success, and it offers a simple message of hope and renewed hope. audio and video quality is fantastic. picture and sound are pure and crisp. everything about the picture looks and sounds spectacular, and even the english subtitles are beautifully animated. the english dub does have some very weird moments, but overall its serviceable. my only complaint is that its the original, asian dub with english subtitles. thats like having italian subtitles for an italian dubbed movie. i much prefer subtitles. you can stream it on netflix or download it right here. i paid just $5.99 for a rental on netflix and on the second or third day, it popped in for me on my computer without having to do anything except fire up netflix. please, please do the same. its a worthwhile purchase for an awesome movie, and for such a low price, it couldnt be nicer or better. and i repeat: its not “adult” (i know what youre thinking), so it really is for everyone. 5ec8ef588b



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