Funnation Dating Site

hookupbuddy is another app you can download to help you find new hookups from your old friends and family, and add them to your phone without a facebook account. find your contacts your phone and off you go! it makes it easier to find a hookup when you’re out with friends or family.

christianmingle is, well, what you’d expect. it’s the “christian” version of tinder, but unlike tinder, it features users of all faiths and beliefs. christianmingle is also a place to find weddings and swinger parties. it’s clear that the app is geared for those looking for a lasting relationship, but it’s a great starting point for those who want to party a bit while they’re in the thick of the app-dating world.

download: android, ios
cost: free for the first 10 swipes, then $10.00 per month (or $99.00 per year)
if you’re a netflix user, then finding someone to watch a movie with you can be a little tricky. moviesplay is essentially netflix’s version of tinder, but with a few major differences. instead of swiping left to left, you swipe up and down to find a match. swipe up and down for casual sex, swipe left and right for a more serious relationship. these lines appear under each profile picture and are there to help illustrate the kind of experience the user offers.

qardio asks you a bunch of questions about yourself, which is pretty easy to put together. unlike most dating apps, you get to look over the pictures of users you want to talk to first. you can also message each other with a couple of clicks (text message, nothing fancy). it’s clear, however, that qardio is meant for hookups with no strings attached. no wonder its been rolling out in private beta for months.

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