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A: Your problem is that this line of code: if (stater.hasmore()) { will return false for your if statement you could replace that with this if(stater.hasmore() === true) The House of Representatives has passed the government’s landmark financial services reform bill and now the bill goes to the Senate, where majority of its members hails from the banking industry. House Republicans strongly supported the bill and decried what they perceived as bipartisan partisan politics that allowed it to become law. And they have every reason to feel so. The House has been virtually shut out of important parts of the bill, in particular the “Volcker Rule” requiring that banks with their own stockholders and management team be prohibited from conducting stock-trading activities. The Republicans have a point. The Volcker Rule is in some ways a proxy for the Republicans’ position on regulation, which basically means we should be policing the business world rather than having the business world regulate itself. And that’s something all right-wing, free-market ideology can get behind. What’s more, Volcker Rule is basically a rewrite of a much tougher law proposed by the Obama administration in early 2009, which was rejected by the House by a vote of 203 to 225. The new law is meant to modify a 1998 version of the law that was withdrawn by President Clinton because of a Republican majority in Congress. The GOP did not oppose Clinton’s version of the Volcker Rule. They had no problem with the provision because it would have given more power to the Federal Reserve to regulate investment banks and commercial banks, and would have empowered the Fed to give out a major flood of new regulatory authority to financial and banking regulators, rather than just giving the regulators the power to write rules. The Volcker Rule called for sweeping changes in financial regulation, many of them of a new sort. It would have prohibited all banks, in other words, from owning stock in a consumer- or small business-oriented bank. In fact, it would have applied to all banks, including commercial banks and investment banks, because of the risk to federal taxpayers that investment banks pose. It would have barred commercial banks that conducted securities business and investment banks from acquiring other banks. The Volcker Rule would have restricted the activities of insurance companies that do both underwriting 6d1f23a050

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