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Make sure you read this! — STORY — When you’re an amateur architect, nothing’s more important than safety in construction, so you decide to build yourself a house. You are all out of materials and you’re kind of thirsty, so you decide to go to a local bar to drink something. As you step in the door, you hear screaming and a gunshot. You run to the front door only to find a corpse, the man’s wife, lying dead on the floor. And judging by the state of the apartment building, something must have happened while you were out. Vincent Armstrong is a part-time engineer, full-time frustrated artist, and a recent renter of an apartment at the beginning of the building. Vincent and his best friend, Daphne Rivet-Cavanaugh, have been searching for a new space to call their own. And now they’ve found it: an old apartment in the middle of the woods. But while the small, quaint building looks peaceful, it’s actually attracting some rather unusual parties. As Vincent gets to know his new neighbors, he might just find the clues necessary to figure out who’s killing them… Wanna Get Involved? ⬆ Help us out by writing a blurb for the game on official store. ⬆ Support Us! ⬆ Buy us a beer! ⬆ — CONTRIBUTION — If you feel like you want to support us in our gaming endeavours, we’d love it if you could contribute via Patreon, Preordering and/or buying us a cold one via PayPal. We’re a very small team and every little bit helps. Support us via Patreon at Support us via Support us via PayPal at Thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome to the crew! — VISIT OUR WEBSITE — You can find more games, tips, and tricks on — VISIT OUR MIGHTY JEDI HOME — From George Lucas to J.J. Abrams, awesome creators have used Patreon to help fund their movies,


Robotpencil Presents: The Soldier Features Key:

  • Between 500 and 1000 innovative
    scenarios players can expect
  • Two players can choose from a
    selection of ground, air and ground and air
    combative arms, multiple campaigns and
    available to play online or locally
    (over 100 multiplayer game levels)
  • Three levels of difficulty allowing you to challenge your skills throughout
  • A great multiplayer game for two to eight players
  • Online leaderboards for continuous game progress.

    Get prepared for the war zone! Robotpencil is on the lookout for the best abstract strategy player out there and gives him a place on the online leaderboard. The player must work together with up to eight teammates and fight it out on one of the hundred game levels, where each player can order their attack tactics using the Air and Ground Arms. Teammates with long range and heavy heavy weapons, like the rocket and mortars, must support the fighter bombers with their fire, before it is too late. Up to four players can use the Air and Ground Arms, every team also has a selection of tanks and other equipment.


    Compete on the


    Robotpencil Presents: The Soldier Crack

    The Soldier is a melee class who possesses the following abilities: Infiltrate, to gain a bonus move action to hide, makes the class stealthy. Crack Armor, to inflict a 1d4 damage to the enemy and reduce their armor class by 2 until the end of their turn. Crenellation, when the soldier moves, their range is doubled. Feint, when the soldier’s ranged attacks miss, they are made to deal half damage. Silverblade, the soldier deals damage equal to half of their Str as a touch attack. Any others abilities available to the class are dependant on the genre the campaign takes place in. These abilities may include: Tactics, are abilities dependant on the soldier’s class. Diversion, a ranged attack performed on an enemy, they make an Evade check to avoid taking damage. Infiltration, an ambush performed on an enemy. What a Soldier doesn’t use are their class abilities, a soldier will use their class features instead of the normal abilities for that class. The Soldier: For this class sheet, I can be a fighter, a rogue, a wizard, a bowman or anything else the player chooses. I use race neutral stats, so that players do not feel like they are playing a featless PC. This sheet can be made available to any player. The subclass should give a player an idea of what kind of abilities the character has in a given combat situation. *The final version of the document will have a slightly different layout to account for the 5E Compatible ruleset. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- *Assumptions*: I assume the player has a player sheet, but the player can choose to roll for stats, if necessary. I assume the player has chosen the Combat Sheet, and will use that one. If the class has a class ability, it appears on the sheet. If the class has no class abilities, then it does not appear on the sheet. I assume an average level 5 soldier on a campaign I have run. Hopefully this will make you less stressed when running a game. =-=-=-= *1. – BONUS FEATS*: A soldier should be able to use a subclass ability, but using a subclass ability should not negate your normal ability score d41b202975


    Robotpencil Presents: The Soldier Crack + Free [32|64bit]

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