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By Kelly Rosenblatt Feb 9, 2019 Source Twitter via Instagram via YouTube via Pinterest 4,853 39.9M 32.50k Do you ever think about casual sex? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t. Yet according to Susan Pinker, the laid-back ’90s were actually the most promiscuous age in American history — with the 18 to 34 demographic having sex approximately 108 times per year, on average. STDs — and they have a way of trickling down from the Kinsey Institute. Other negative consequences of casual sex are also on the rise. One in three Americans currently has an STD, including one-in-six people who do not know they have one. Pink rates and reviews having casual sex as extremely important. How important are you? Data even points to men who have sex with men as being more likely to contract STDs, pointing to male-on-male sex as the cause. 69.2M 9.40k Making sure the women you choose to date, hook up with, have sex with, or otherwise engage in a romantic or sexual relationship are trustworthy, honest, and genuine is vital. Below, three singles share their tips on keeping their private lives private. Read more You probably wouldn’t want to be too tired to get out the door for a first date. A study of just 12,000 US adults aged 40-80 found the average person’s ideal sex life will involve one to three sexual partners per year. The ideal age range is 18-23 for men and 15-29 for women, but plenty of people are opting for their 20s for these sorts of adventures. Having had sex once in the past week, sexual orientation, and religion were factors in determining who said yes. Still, if you’re in a committed relationship, slow down. In the age of Tinder, that’s the name of the game. The Who-What-Why-When-Ceremony For Casual Sex 50.2M 55.30k Being that people who are in a relationship are more likely to have casual sex, the next step would be to know if you and your partner should get in bed together or not. Here are four questions to ask before making love: To go any further, you need to know how to prevent a second date from becoming a third and a third, fourth, and so on, and a super fifth. As you settle into your new place, you
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It’s totally OK to not be exclusive with someone you’re sexually attracted to “When you’re with someone who you are sexually attracted to and still don’t make a commitment, that is not an affair,” says Cindy Mize, a sex and dating expert based in San Diego. But it’s definitely not OK to be an opportunist. “I like my sex to be about wanting me and not just using me. And if you’re not going to be that for me, then don’t do it,” she says. “In that same way, with casual sex, not everyone is the same or wants the same things, so don’t just throw yourself at someone and assume you’re going to get a return. If you haven’t got the ‘want to do’ factor, the ‘are you going to do for me?’ factor, then you can’t do casual sex.” Have no fear! If you’re not willing to be exclusive, you don’t want to stay in a relationship, or you don’t want a relationship, there is a special place in the dating app section for casual hookup. Just know that these people are looking for a pretty specific type of thing. Whether you’re looking to exchange pics, make out with someone, or have a drunken sexathon, here’s what to know about the casual sex dating apps. Look, we’re all adults here. Real life is adult life, and for many of us, casual sex is an adult choice. So, like or not, put on your getup and go out there and have fun. You are bigger and stronger than your idea of what casual sex is — and I promise you, that’s probably a good thing. Hookup apps are for every sexual preference No matter your sexual preferences — or lack thereof — there’s a casual sex dating app out there to help you hook up with people who are into you. So even if you’re going through an abstinence phase (or even if you’ve never had sex), it’s possible to score an off-the-grid hookup in a snap. Maybe you want to avoid hooking up at the local disco — or you just want a gentle flirt that doesn’t necessarily mean physical contact — that’s totally fine. There are so many casual sex dating apps out there that you can find someone who is into your preferences, even if you prefer more of a watch and clothes kind of vibe. Signs you’re a bad match

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