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Features Key:

  • Official soundtrack
  • Awaken dreams, faith and hope in yourself and the world
  • Best soundtrack for those who love epic games with chiptune and 80’s inspired soundtracks
  • Full youtube links included on game’s page
  • Easy, fast and fun to learn
  • One of the most challenging, ambient-gamers, free games
  • Soundtrack features:

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    My Furry Dictator П Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

    You wake up on a mysterious island after several days of being lost. You don’t know how you ended up here, but the island is covered with trees and water. Your first task is to find shelter. There’s a small hut in one corner of the island, which might be good enough for you. Inside the hut, you find a strange dog named “Vanity” who welcomes you and will help you do all the basic stuff. “Vanity” is the playable character in this game. You can control him with a gamepad or keyboard. Play: The story is very interesting and involves lots of fun with funny dialogues, so even if it looks like an RPG, you will not be bored. You have to level up by going through these dungeons and discovering new areas. The game is set during the late 1930s. Some of the weapons and items you can find, allow you to create a medieval atmosphere as if you are playing a fantasy game. Fight: Fight with different enemies. Some are very strong and only one hit will kill you. Other enemies have various attack patterns that will not be easy to predict. However, your character’s agility, speed, and strength will help you counter-attack. The battles are turn-based. You need to prepare your strategy by choosing the right level of Rage and Power and read all the enemy’s actions carefully before you prepare your best attack. You can actually block enemy attacks by attacking the enemy with your weapon. Strategy: Using arrows and your agility, you need to move around and attack the enemies. Your weapons and items have limited usage, so be careful when you choose to use them. You can also choose to pass your turn to one of your allies. Character Advancement: When you gain levels, your character’s item will improve accordingly. When you gain enough experience, you can add a new weapon or skill. This game is fully developed with the assistance of Original Japanese Audio and Visual. The two main characters are voiced by the Original Japanese Voice Actor. Items: – The game has a variety of weapons to help you fight the enemies. You can find various kinds of weapons such as a Sword, Gun, Bow and Bell. Each item has different effects on different types of combat. – You can find various items to help you survive. When you find a Tin item, you have to light a candle with this item. You can also find other items and places that can provide different benefits and help you.


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