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Graphic designers use a lot of tools while working, and many of these programs focus on one major feature. To cut down on the number of applications opened simultaneously, you should try a dedicated utility that bundles some of the necessary operations, like DesignBox. Each major function with its dedicated tab In order to make it easier to use, the application groups in tabs the options available for each task. Just from glancing at the main window, you can surmise that DesignBox is able to help you apply effects to images, allows you to paint logos, it is able to convert images and open SVG files, it can generate QR codes and offers you the possibility to export images as iOS-compliant icons. Moreover, all the editing options are visible, so you don't have to access countless menus and windows to reach the desired result. With this in mind, the application retains its uncluttered interface by further use of drop-down menus and additional tabs. The program can handle many tasks Furthermore, the utility can be used to batch resize, rotate or rename picture files. You are able to choose any combination of the aforementioned features and additionally add text or graphical watermarks to your images. The built-in animated GIF maker can handle multiple file types and picture sizes by allowing you to set the output resolution. Images that won't fit are resized automatically, and you can select the parameters for cropping, if such action is needed. You can quickly create and customize QR codes that contain text, links, phone numbers, vCards, e-mail addresses, geographical coordinates and even WiFi settings. Users who want to share information with little effort will surely find these features very useful. A diverse toolbox that should satisfy the majority of users Whether you want to quickly add filters or a watermark to your pictures, easily create animated GIFs, convert between various image formats or generate a QR code, DesignBox is the tool for you.







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• Design, edit and create custom signs, buttons and icons in different formats. • Auto-resize, cut and rotate images, add text and special effects. • Convert between 8 file formats. • Design and create custom icons for Android devices. • Generate customized QR codes for Android & iOS devices. • Create and edit animated GIFs and turn them into GIFs movies. • Configurable wallpaper gallery with millions of free images. • Apply unique border and corner effects to each graphic element. • Customize color schemes, layout, fonts and backgrounds. • Easily create custom keyboard layouts. • Automatically create Mac & Windows desktop shortcuts to any files and folders. • Fill and arrange elements via dragging and drop. • Create and edit vector and raster.PDF,.PNG,.EPS,.JPG,.SVG, and.TIF files. • Import.CSV,.XLS,.XLSX,.TAB, and.SAR data files. • Configurable text size and color. • Easily create, edit and organize hundreds of files from Microsoft and Apple Office and NTFS formats. • Support for 64-bit and 32-bit platforms. • Extended set of controls, including the ability to control the position of each layer, selection, text, line and shape. • Use private libraries to collect and arrange shortcuts to all your favorite files. • Create and modify HTML snippets and CSS-styled templates. • Support for multi-layered projects with different background images, text & lines, and shapes. • Duplicate and synchronize projects between multiple devices. The Top Features: • JPG, PNG,.PSD,.XML and.SVG image formats • iOS and Android compatible • 16-bit/32-bit full support • 512 MB memory limit • Resize, rotate, cut, shift and flip • Auto rotate and aspect ratio adjustment • Batch image processing and editing • Text and line editing • Text and background color and font changes • Border, corner and frame effects • Position and zoom control • Zoom to the maximum 100% in all modes of DesignBox • 16 million free photos (Main Photo Gallery) • Powerful image editing tools (Filters, Crop, Rotate,…) • Image resizing (Fit, Crop and Auto)

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Image editing on a grand scale. DesignBox is a graphics software that consists of a large number of tools for image creation and editing. In a drop-down menu, you can create, edit, save, crop, rotate and resize photos. In the application, you can easily open many file formats, save them, create animated GIFs and perform other possible tasks, such as modifying layer effects, applying graphic filters, watermarking pictures, converting graphics to other formats, QR codes and more. This enormous set of functions can be accessed from just one window that is used to organize the tools, and you can even create your own tabs to make the list even easier to find. Keyboard Shortcuts: Artistic value One of the first things that strikes you after using DesignBox is how simple it is to work with the application. Despite its huge number of features, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed or worried about missing something important. If you have a clear idea of how to perform a task, you can quickly get the job done, and you can do that without a hitch. With just a few mouse clicks, you can either edit or create new files, use the built-in utilities to modify images, directly from their preview window or in batch, crop images with pinpoint accuracy or make them travel and seamlessly turn them into colorful animations. Open, edit and save more than just images When you use DesignBox, you can open, modify and save multiple image formats. If you want to open RAW files, you can use either the built-in RAW tool or any other option. Image effects and filters DesignBox uses more than 50 different image effects, which can be accessed in a drop-down menu in the tools’ section. The application can introduce an atmosphere to your pictures with a more personal touch. Additionally, you can edit the effects in two ways – in regular mode or with a timeline. The built-in effect library is diverse, and you can easily find what you are looking for on the top of the list. You can create your own, modify them or directly use the features found in the section. The created or edited graphics can be saved in four types of file formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF. If you want, you can turn the effects and filters into an animation. Quickly make and modify QR codes When you want to share your photos with others through QR codes, DesignBox offers a great solution. 2f7fe94e24

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DesignBox is an effective tool that will help you perform several image editing tasks. It has quite a few features, but also does not have all of them, which is the reason why it is still useful and fully functional. All functions are accessible from the main window. The best thing is that this is done by using tabs and drop-down menus. The editing tools are neatly arranged and the same can be said about the shortcuts. You just have to click on the icon, choose your functionality and add your specified content. Some of the available functions and their effect on images are rotation, cropping, resizing, coloring, tinting, adding or removing watermarks, adding or changing the opacity and transparency, adding borders and applying effects such as gaussian blur, sharpness, etc. The only con is that once you have created a watermark, for example, it is not automatically moved to the next picture. For those who like fast image editing, DesignBox is a useful tool since it provides you with all the necessary options for adding effects to your images in one place. All you have to do is to select the desired function and click on “Apply”. On the other hand, if you are looking for an application with more features, then you should check out DesignBox Free. Why Software Slow Down? Because Software Slow Down and Slow the Computer? Read this article to learn how to keep your software speed up. Tired of slow Internet speeds on the desktop? Feel like your software is running slower than it used to? You are not alone. Most PC users are plagued with programs that lag or simply behave poorly during heavy workloads. But no matter how much time you spend working with your computer, you are powerless to change your internet connection. The problem can be frustrating, but it has a simple solution: Upgrade your modem. One of the most common reasons that slow computer speed is difficult to diagnose is that it is a symptom of a much larger issue. First, it’s important to determine what resources are slow or lagging. This means you need to assess what software on your computer is actively working. Next, you need to determine whether or not the cause is related to your internet connection. Is it a result of slower internet speed? Possibly. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to refer to your internet connection as your “modem,” but that doesn’t mean it’s a technological marvel. Instead, we are going to explain the most common causes of slow internet speeds

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