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Syslog is a standard for network events logging. It was created by a group of networking experts and aimed at monitoring applications. Syslog Server helps you to take control of your network, allowing you to view Syslog messages as they are transmitted and to take immediate actions to fix critical errors and serious problems. Features: … Major Features: * Unlimited number of email notifications (while the number of installed messages is not greater than the number of configured email notifications). * Configured number of email notifications. * Log by facility, source address (host name or IP), facility, type of message and category. * Verification of email notifications; email notifications are sent based on configured settings. * Email notifications are sent via SMTP server. * Mail messages are composed in Rich Text Format. * Customisable templates for messages. * The application preserves the original format of your messages in the log; you can use it as your own email system. * The application logs all messages sent to your own system and then forwards them to the specified email addresses, also, it logs all messages that are received by your own. * Log messages are stored in a separate database. * Ability to assign keywords to messages. * Option to set the log time period. * Option to remove log file and database. System requirements: Before you download and install Syslog Server, make sure you have at least the following: * Windows Server 2003 … IMA or iMA is a system monitor that supports four different types of operation: NMP (Network Monitor Protocol), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), IF-MIB or SNMP-IF-MIB and its own MIB (Management Information Base). Major Features: * Snmp-MIB. * Manage SNMP Agents. * Network Monitor Protocol. * SNMP Traps. * SNMP Estimations. * Manage SNMP Clients. * Manage SNMP OIDs. * Manage SNMP OID Values. * Support MIB Viewer. * Support MIB Browser. * Configure MIB Views. * SNMP Viewer. * SNMP Controller. * SNMP Traps Agent. * Snmpd Protocol Status. * Monitoring Status. * Store SNMP MIB. * SNMP Views. * SNMP Views Collect and Filter. * SNMP MIB Viewer. * SNMP MIB Viewer for MIBViewer Syslog Server is a tool dedicated to network administrators,

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* Syslog Client, a litttle tool dedicated to network administrators, to view events in real time, print them or send them to remote syslog servers. * A syslog server (or rsyslog), capable of receiving and forwarding messages based on the Syslog standard and multiple syslog formats. * Default Syslog Server, a client/server syslog server with a webui and a backend rsyslog daemon. * Syslog Viewer, a client/server syslog viewer with a webui and a backend rsyslog daemon. * LogParser, a file viewer for Syslog messages. * Syslog Server, a web ui and a backend rsyslog daemon. It is a version of the default Syslog Server, with a webui and a backend rsyslog daemon. Re: Need help to translate this WebGUI There was an issue with my post, it looks like the stuf is all mixed up in the middle. Thank you for your reply I am thinking abount your perl script and before I implemented it, I was having a hard time to find a good scrip to do this. I finally tried this script. I have not had any problem in doing my rewrite. I have a php script for my forums, and I was having a problem in getting the messages for my forum in the frontend, when I made a change in my system, I get the forum messages but also get the syslog messages too, so that is not what I wanted. Like I said earlier, you were more than kind to help me with your perl script, it really worth it. After 2 months of working on this I finally got the clear cut syslog messages from my forums, which are sent to the syslog daemon. As for the perl script, thanks for the support. Yes I am not good in english, I am from a country called Poland, it means dead language for me. Just try to understand what I say, it is not that hard if you want to. Re: Need help to translate this WebGUI Hello James, Congratulations and thanks for that Perl script. I am running it on the same server and it works really fine. I have been trying for a long time to get clear cut syslog messages from my forum and it works like a charm. I have changed my existing 2f7fe94e24

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Click here to watch the Short Video-Tour Click here to watch the video of the Syslog-Server in action Click here to read the in-depth Syslog-Server tutorial about event monitoring Syslog Server Author: Syslog Server was created by Karl Bode. This free open source software version is distributed under the GPL license. Learn more at Syslog Server Documentation: You can find additional information about the Syslog Server installation process, usage, and configuration in the README.txt file included in the archive. The documentation includes information about the Syslog-Server: – Installation procedures – How to use the Syslog-Server GUI – Syslog-Server features – How to configure Syslog-Server – Log levels – How to set up email alerts with Syslog-Server – Upgrading and upgrading Syslog-Server – Default events file – Supported Syslog messages – Details of the event information displayed – List of the installed plugins – Differences between Syslog-Server and Open Source Syslogd – Comparison with commercial Syslog-Server products The Documentation also includes a list of the Syslog-Server and Open Source Syslogd backward compatibility features. System Requirements: – Syslog-Server v1.0.0 supports Linux/Unix operating systems. It has been tested successfully with all recent versions of open-source Unix-based operating systems: – Debian/Ubuntu – Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/SUSE/Scientific Linux – Mandriva – OpenSUSE – NetBSD – FreeBSD – Mac OS X – Solaris – Windows NT, Windows 2000 – Windows XP Syslog Server included Features: – can store events as plain-text – displays Syslog message headers – can run under both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems – displays a user-friendly and comprehensive GUI – can be used as a simple Syslog client – can be used as a service – can be made a service automatically – can be used as an appliance in a full-featured Syslog environment – can exchange Syslog events with any Syslog server – can work with another

What’s New In Syslog Server?

========== Syslog Server is a tool dedicated to network administrators, providing a robust server based on the Syslog standard, specialized in event logging. Its goal is to monitor devices and collect Syslog messages across the whole LAN infrastructure. By default, the application uses the 514 port, starting the server and awaiting for receiving messages as soon as it is launched. Events can be viewed by the source host, severity or facility. In the first case, messages are sorted by their origin, whereas the ‘Severity’ mode groups them by their importance and the effect they have on the system. The latter calssification method organizes messages based on their purpose (related to network management, security, mail system and so on). The filtering options assist you in finding the desired record. Clicking on an event displays detailed information about it in the designated section of the GUI; you can view the receival time, the host name and IP address, the category and purpose, as well as the assigned urgency level. Syslog Server can be configured to exclusively log events that have a certain priority. For instance, the logging threshold can be represented by alert messages, which require immediate attention. Furthermore, it allows you to set the time period messages are kept, depending on their severity category. The application features email alerting, a setting that notifies you via email about newly received messages. Urgent matters that require immediate action can be handled with the help of macros (regex expressions). Syslog Server helps you take control of your network, allowing you to view Syslog messages as they are transmitted and take immediate actions to fix critical errors and serious problems. Features: ============= – Syslog Server can be installed on a single machine and will listen to Syslog messages coming from multiple hosts; that way the server can be distributed in a Windows network, to provide network administrators with a common log service for monitoring the network. – A separate Syslog configuration file, in the format of Syslog standard, defines the options used by each device that need to send Syslog messages; each entry in the configuration file has a separate entry in the log file. – Syslog Server keeps the log file and transmits it to a remote server. – Syslog Server supports three methods of remote logging; HTTP, FTP and SMTP. The latter two are not intended for the general public. – Syslog Server supports two methods of remote logging;

System Requirements For Syslog Server:

Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit) Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later Memory: 3 GB RAM Hard Disk: 10 GB available space Video: DirectX 9.0 graphics card or better with 1 GB of VRAM Sound: DirectX 9.0-compatible or later compatible sound card DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Networking: Broadband Internet connection Power: Operating System: Windows 10 Recommended: OS: Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit) Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 or equivalent

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