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Ircam HEar Requirements The plugin is a standalone audio editing application. It is thus compatible with any audio editor, but for this to work it must contain the following files: “iec.c”, “iec-sample.c”, “ir.c” (A user-defined sample file located in the first sample folder in the installation folder, usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Ircam HEar\Data\Samples”. This file is located in its folder) The plugin works by analysing the sample and making all the necessary calculations. It should be noted that some dsp parameters are already calculated in the iec.c and iec-sample.c files. This means that if the sample is not correctly located then the plugin won’t work. The plugin also assumes that the sample is located in the same folder as the plugin. Ircam HEar Installation: The plugin should be installed in a working folder. This allows it to find the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ircam HEar\Data\Samples\Samples\Sourcen folder where the sample file is located. The plugin is installed in the following location: C:\Program Files\Ircam HEar\Plugins How to install: Download and run the installer. Do not run the installer unless you want to install the plugin. Close all open programs, and plug your headphones to the speakers for the test. Open the installer. Select the destination directory. When the installation dialog pops up, press the Next button. Select all application files: Ircam HEar Ircam HEar DSP Readme When asked to restart your computer click OK. Restart your computer. How to use it: Specify the sample audio source: In the Select Sample Source dialog, select the sample file. In the Select Sample Source dialog, select the sample source. If the source is at the same location as the plugin, then the plugin will work with any available sample. If the source is not available or in a different location, such as on a CD or external hard disk, you must follow the installation steps outlined above. If it is a file, select the sample file. If it is a folder, you can browse to find the

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The IRcamHEAR is a very small bundle of 4 plugins. They provide the means for the user to hear the surround sound effect. The plugins are the IRcamHEar, IRcamSamples, IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb. The IRcamHEar simply turns the headphones on or off based on the current stereo configuration (on or off). IRcamSamples can play the samples of the IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb. The IRcamSamples plugin is equipped with a matrix and a range of presets of the IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb. IRcamParabola is a plugin that provides 4 parameter presets for the IRcamHEar. IRcamParabola Description: With IRcamParabola, you have the choice of producing a 4 channel or 5 channel sound effect. Each time you change the settings of the presets, you will get a different sound. You can select the IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb presets depending on the surround sound type, as follows: * 4 Channel IRcamParabola preset for the 5.1 * 5 Channel IRcamParabola preset for the 5.1 * 4 Channel IRcamReverb preset for the 5.1 * 5 Channel IRcamReverb preset for the 5.1 * 4 Channel IRcamReverb preset for the 5.1 and 7.1 * 5 Channel IRcamReverb preset for the 5.1 and 7.1 IRcamHEar: The IRcamHEar plugins allows you to hear a surround sound effect. The plugin is equipped with the routing matrix, speaker width adjustment and angle shift. When you adjust the angle and speaker width, the sound is mixed to each speaker, according to the selected channel, the selected speaker and the presets. IRcamSamples: With IRcamSamples plugin, you can play the IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb samples. If you want to hear the IRcamSamples, you need to install the IRcamParabola and IRcamReverb plugins. IRcamParabola: With IRcamParabola, you can play the 4 parameter presets (4Channel 4Channel IRcamParabola, 5 Channel 5Channel IRcamParabola, 4 Channel 4Channel IRcamReverb and 5 2f7fe94e24

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* Works for Windows 7. * Install this plugin and start a broadcast session. * Open Ircam HEar in the start menu and start the “Capture and Analize a broadcast.” * Check the “Enable Virtual Surround Sound” checkbox. * Set the center speaker width to the default value (100%) and play an audio with 5 speakers. * Adjust the speaker width as you wish. * Run the plugin for analysis using your headphones. Vato is a cross-platform audio-effects plugin.It is designed to replace the effects used in modern digital audio plugins.It features the most popular digital audio effects such as Compression,De-esser,Multi-effects,Delay.The key feature of Vato is its ability to remove the noise that plagues many modern digital audio plugins.If the noise is left unchecked,then it is impossible to use the effects with headphones. Volumetic is a useful tool that allows you to capture the subsonic sound on some parts of the frequency range. The program can work with either a microphone or a room mode. The capturer can be placed in the middle of the room, in the table or on the windowsill. The distance between the recording device and the sounds is flexible. You can select the part of the room where you want the recording to take place, that will affect the spatial characteristics of the recording. You may also select the desired room mode-Microphone, Ambient or Mix-to use for the recording. Volumetic Description: * Works for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. * Install this plugin and start a broadcast session. * Run the plugin for analysis using your headphones. * Check the “Enable virtual surround sound” checkbox. * Adjust the speaker width and angle shift until you are satisfied with the effect. * Run the plugin for analysis using your headphones. Steinberg Audiobus is a cross-platform audio routing plugin for Lion OSX and Windows. Steinberg Audiobus allows you to connect between multiple applications simultaneously and share the playing interface with other audio applications. With this plugin, you can add multiple audio applications into one single application and choose how they will be connected together. You can route audio between applications to/from/through multiple audio sources simultaneously. While an application plays audio, another application may take over that audio to/from/through the other audio sources. You may also mute

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Ircam HEar is a handy plugin that allows you to simulate the surround sound effect and analyze it using your pair of headphones. The plugin provides you with a routing matrix, speaker width and angle shift adjustments. These allow you to fine-tune the angle between the speakers, as well as from the center of the speaker to the listener. Changelog Version 1.6.1 · Added Adat feature, makes it possible to play it directly from the plugin Version 1.6 · Added support for all new Apple pro amps (Kellen M200, M57, PowerPalate etc) Version 1.5 · Added new feature: Radial matrix Version 1.4 · Improved and optimized sizing of the matrix Version 1.3 · Fov selection dialog was removed and the only effect at this version is the matrix – now you can select the matrix size from a list Version 1.2 · Fixed bug in the colorization Version 1.1 · Improved interface Version 1.0 · Initial release Features: – Analog inputs – Analog outputs – Radial matrix – Speakers angle matrix – Change speakers angle – EQ – Apply EQ curve – Select keyboard color (Black or white) – Select matrix size – Select matrix scale – Show/hide Matrixes – Show/Hide Speakers – Show/Hide Surround – Show/Hide Surround EQ – Show/Hide Surround EQ Curves – Show/Hide Surround EQ curves – Show/Hide Surround EQ Side – Show/Hide Surround EQ Curve – Show/Hide Surround EQ Curve Side – Show/Hide Mixer – Show/Hide Volume – Show/Hide Mixer curves – Show/Hide Speaker curves – Mute button – PQ button – Show/Hide PQ curves – Mute button – PQ button – Show/Hide PQ curves – Allow Undo – Spectrum analyzer – Center (speaker) selector (You can select between center and speaker) – Left (rear) selector – Right (front) selector – Rec (rear) selector – LFE (low frequency effects) selector – T (temperature) selector – Curve selector (You can select between linear, exponential, logarithmic, power and matrix) – Dimension (distance) selector – Angle (angle) selector

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Installation: Instructions: How to use this addon: To apply the addon : Apply the add-on to your character in the “Addon:Installation” field. In the “Install Path” field, enter a custom install path where you would like the addon installed. This is an example path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowhead\bin\wowhead.exe”. If you install this addon in the WowInterface folder, then you can leave the “Install Path” field blank.

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