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Empty Folder Nuker is a tiny application that allows you to easily delete empty folders that clutter the interface of your operating system. This is a portable product, so installation is not necessary. All you have to do is place Empty Folder Nuker on a removable device and run the executable file on any computer. Plus, your Windows registry entries will not change in any way. The interface of the program consists of a small window in which you have few options. In order to get Empty Folder Nuker to work, you have to input the base folder, as well as optionally check subfolders and consider folders with only empty subfolders as empty. In other words, if you, for example, input your main volume as the base folder, all the folders with empty contents (including empty subfolders) will be deleted from your system. This way, you will have an easier time searching for a file in an unknown location on your hard drive (since you can disregard empty folders). Furthermore, you can add Empty Folder Nuker to the Explorer context menu, so accessing it it easily done. The program uses a very low amount of system resources and performs a scanning task in a reasonable amount of time (according to the size of the base directory). Once the scanning is complete, you can specify the empty folders you want to delete, optionally check all of them and enable the tool to exit after deletion has been successful. Removing the files takes a short while (they are not permanently deleted, but moved to the Recycle Bin). Evidently, not all folders can be removed by Empty Folder Nuker, since some of them are system files which require administrator privileges. Otherwise, Empty Folder Nuker gets its job done, so we strongly recommend it to all users, whether they are experienced or not.







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Dive into the world of IPTV with AutoIPTV. Watch IPTV channels via a variety of protocols, like DVB, IPTV and MPLS/IPTV, and get free access to VOD/OTT contents. AutoIPTV records all IPTV streams in MKV container format and allows you to watch them offline. You can watch your favorite live TV channels from several regions without any additional cost. IPTV is recognized as a great way to watch hundreds of channels of live TV from several regions. However, finding IPTV services requires a lot of work and skills. AutoIPTV is a powerful IPTV recorder that can record all the IPTV broadcasts you watch through your DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-S2 tuner on your TV. It can record your favorite channels from different regions without additional cost. AutoIPTV is designed for all IPTV viewers: from people who watch IPTV content on their PCs only to people who watch their content on a TV box. What’s new in this version: – Bug fixes Requirements: – Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – About: The application is free, but you need to buy a subscription to access your own online AutoIPTV account and VOD/OTT content with AutoIPTV. Speed Force Pro is designed to quickly accelerate software using hardware graphics acceleration (primarily due to DirectCompute), which is offered by ATI hardware graphics. This new brand name took the place of Speed Defects, a somewhat cumbersome application that was traditionally bundled with most versions of Windows. Speed Force can be accessed from the Windows icon on the desktop, but it can also be invoked from the Start menu. In either case, the application is uncluttered and consists of two columns of functions. The top column contains shortcuts to the various system and program tools that Speed Force Pro provides; the bottom column has the things you actually use, like creating a new profile and executing Speed Force. The User-Friendly Interface is divided into a number of usable categories: – Tools – Profiles – Optimization – Resources While not all of the features of Speed Force Pro are accessible via menus, it is nevertheless easy to learn how to do things, especially by looking at the examples. By default, Speed Force Pro starts with a profile called Auto, which runs in Basic mode; its options include Desktop, LAN and USB.

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IP Viewer is a viewer for the IP file, which contains all IP addresses stored in a single file for an entire network. You need to view IP file content from the system where you install it. IP Viewer uses the built-in IP calculator to convert an IP address to the proper notation, automatically detects the broadcast IP range on the local area network, as well as the network name and the hardware name of a local computer. The application can also display IP addresses that don’t have an assigned IP number. IP Viewer displays the data as text or as a graph. Features of IP Viewer: Basic functionality Views all IP addresses in one window Uses a built-in IP calculator Detects broadcast IP addresses Displays data as a graph Displays IP addresses without an assigned IP number Good performance Doesn’t need any additional libraries to be installed Can be started without Windows The application can be configured to hide the toolbar and use the Start menu from the desktop instead. It’s possible to block any popup and close all unnecessary windows. In order to work with this tool, you’ll need to perform certain actions. First of all, you should download the IP Viewer application and install it on the remote computer. The installation process is pretty simple and only takes a couple of seconds, after which it starts working as soon as you finish. You can choose between the basic and advanced settings in the main window and choose the column layout in the interface. The default column layout displays the following columns: Source, Type, IP, Netmask, Gateway, Broadcast, Local and Host. IP Viewer is an efficient tool for viewing the IP file. Its functionality is limited due to its lack of features but most of its flaws are negotiable. Clearlooks iList is a nice calculator and organizer tool for windows and win95. The calculator helps you to determine financial amounts, perform calculations, check calculations, and most importantly — the way it really should be — create lists that include items you keep in mind. While the calculator is fairly simple to use, it still manages to keep its focus on the user interface. It’s a pretty neat and efficient tool that isn’t scared to lose its simplicity. The calculator can perform simple arithmetic 02dac1b922

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IP Viewer, which is also known as IP View and a few other names, is a tool designed to make it easy to inspect and decrypt IP traffic. With it, you can view online network-related information, logs, and files in order to get the needed data. In addition, the program can utilize a vast array of plugins to help you analyze your data. These plugins can run off of a DLL loaded into the application with the help of a few parameters. A bunch of useful options Setting up IP Viewer is extremely easy because it doesn’t require any installation or expert skills. All you need to do is to double-click the.exe file and the application launches. Once on-screen, you can open a number of settings that help you personalize IP Viewer. The program can use a variety of plugins to display information. Everything starts with the Display interface, and includes the settings menu, which you can access by right-clicking on the application’s icon. Most of the options can be found in the settings menu, with almost every function inside it designed to help you filter data. For example, you can specify the filters used to get the information you are looking for. All of the data is displayed in a table with fields such as Source IP, Date/Time, Session and Port. The log window can then be used to display more information. There are settings for Notification Area, Log Window, Internet, and connection. To learn more about the features, you can open the Help menu, which enables you to dive into the manuals and FAQs. It’s fairly easy to change a few settings, with the “Change settings” button in the settings menu, and the tools visible through the Display menu. Despite the fact that it comes with a large number of options, IP View is a simple to-use tool. The best thing is that you can check or filter the log using a simple search feature. To add to that, everything can be cleared or deleted, and just about everything is editable. Can display multi-dimensional charts When working with IP View, you can easily preview the data you get from a number of cameras and IP devices, going through as many as 127 networks and 30,000 clients. The charts are of a basic sort of design, with a flat layout that allows you to get a good idea of the information available. There’s a separate tab in

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IP Viewer allows users to view and modify various IP addresses, networks and IP subnets. The user interface is designed to be easy to navigate. IP Viewer helps Administrators to manage IP address ranges and to easily view which hosts are assigned an IP address. IP Viewer displays the current allocated and free IP address space for each network adapter on a Windows computer. This information is updated regularly to ensure that the IP address remains allocated and free. It also shows the CIDR prefix being used. IP Viewer can be used to view the assigned and assigned free IP address space on IPv4 and IPv6 networks, and is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Features View and modify IP address ranges and hosts View and modify CIDR prefixes View and modify DHCP leases View current subnet mask View current Gateway and DNS server information Free host list and free and used host list IP address and host list viewing IP address allocation status IP address list filter IP address list sort Users can see which hosts are assigned an IP address with a click of the left mouse button. IP address details can be viewed and modified by right-clicking on the host name or addresses in the host list Allows you to select hosts, IP addresses and ranges to clear; Allows you to select hosts, IP addresses and ranges to modify; Allows you to view current lease details; Allows you to manage DHCP leases with an explanation and run system updates; Allows you to manage DNS addresses with an explanation and run system updates; Allows you to perform several operations on selected hosts, IP addresses and IP ranges; Allows you to filter the IP address list by address ranges or host names; Allows you to sort the IP address list; Allows you to hide the host list; Allows you to view the assigned and free IP address space for each network adapter on a Windows computer. IP Viewer comes with comprehensive help files in Windows and OS X formats. A sample IP address in CIDR format is also available. Before using IP Viewer you must install Windows Update to ensure that all client and server computers are running the latest version of the operating system. I’ve made a new problem I need to post in here. Thanks to all the people that help me out. This is the first time I have tried to make this post. I installed XBMC, then I uninstalled it so I could start fresh


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2 Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.0Ghz or higher Memory: 2GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or ATI X1000 or higher Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible audio driver (no ASIO) Storage: 10GB available space (preferable) Rig: mid to high end Optional: Soundcard Recommended: OS: Windows XP SP2 or later Processor: Quad Core CPU Memory


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