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Photivo is a feature-rich editor with a plethora of options and filters ready to help you get the most out of your photos. Released under an open-source license, it delivers powerful processing algorithms and support for batch operations. Edit your regular images and your RAW files as well  It is worth noting that Photivo comes with support for regular bitmap files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and more) and also RAW files. While the interface and all its options are organized in different categories and are easily accessible on the left side panel, the ton of advanced settings and adjustments might seem overwhelming to regular users. In other words, unless you are familiar and have prior experience with the parameters in a professional –grade photo editor, then there are high chances that you might have a hard time getting through what seems to be a rather steep learning curve. Staggering number of options and adjustments  There are various adjustments that you can experiment with in Photivo, ready to address photo defects down to the tiniest detail. While it is impossible to talk about them all, we will review some of the most important ones. With Photivo, you can perform generic correction and address defects generated by the camera. Furthermore, there are options that concern spot tuning, lens parameters and distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting or geometry conversion. As expected, you also get the regular options related to rotation, perspective, cropping and resizing, flipping and blocking. Photivo also sports a channel mixer you can tweak, along with adjustments for highlights, color intensity, exposure, gamma level, texture contrast, normalization, color enhancements, and more. The list of customizable parameters is far from being over. There are also options related to the lab color and contrast, sharpening and denoising, saturation and tone adjusting, adjustable toning curves, and more. A photography editor that targets professionals  Considering the large number of options available in Photivo, it’s only normal to experiment with settings and see what each does. The good thing is that you can undo all the changes with the click of a button. Designed mainly for advanced users, Photivo delivers a powerful editor that can help you enhance the quality of your photos. With an integrated file editor and support for batch operations, It provides an alternative to more complex, popular suites.


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•Crop & resize  You can crop your photos using a combination of rectangular, diagonal and freehand selections. If you need an alternative selection method, you can also use the fly-over palette. • Rotate, flip and block  Once you have cropped your image and make sure you have the right orientation, you can rotate it. You can also flip it and block it. • Lens correction  You can correct for lens distortion, vignette, chromatic aberration, and various other issues. • Color adjustments  You can adjust the color, saturation and lightness of your images. • Auto adjust  You can also tweak the overall contrast, gamma level, shadows, highlights, black and white level, exposure, contrast, sharpness, noise, and noise reduction. • Color correction  You can increase or decrease the color contrast to bring out details. • Tone and histogram  You can increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, saturation, and lightness to correct the overall color. It also provides histograms that help you visualize and modify the tone, contrast, and brightness of your images. • Threshold, curves, and layers  You can use the levels tool to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your image. It can also be used to create and modify layer masks to clone effects in one layer or apply them to a specific area. • Warp and spherize  You can use warp and spherize functions to transform your image and improve its quality. • Adjustment curves and layers  You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and tone of your image. You can also use the levels tool to modify the image. • Adjustment layers, paths, and brushes  You can use layers to apply adjustments in specific areas. For example, you can use a brush tool to paint over select areas to add shadows and highlight the subject’s skin. You can also use the path tool to paint selections over regions like skies or roads. • Adjustment layers  You can use adjustment layers to apply powerful adjustments over the entire image or specific areas. • Batch processing  You can use the batch processing option to perform image modifications on a whole folder or set of folders at once. • Lens distortion  You can use

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Photivo Activation Code is a powerful digital photo editor developed by the Autodesk company that was first announced in 2005. The program is available in two versions, one for Windows and the other for Mac. The Windows version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP, while the Mac version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.9. It delivers some of the highest-quality photo-editing and-enhancement algorithms available, which is what makes it a photography editor that will enable professionals to improve the quality of their images. Adobe Photoshop is a premier example of that type of program. In fact, some of the functions of Photoshop are actually implemented in the same way in Photivo. Although Photoshop is a well-known tool for photo-editing, especially for professionals, Photivo is a digital photography editor that comes with a huge set of features and options. What are the highlights of Photivo? The major highlight of Photivo is definitely its powerful set of tools that can be used to enhance your photos. Of course, you can use it to correct color and balance, apply different styles, and more. However, it is with the adjustments that the program will really shine. As mentioned earlier, with Photivo, you can perform general corrections for color and contrast, black and white, exposure, and tone, or you can fine-tune them down to details and apply different styles. It also comes with various filters that can be used to color correct your photos or add special effects to them. Likewise, with Photivo, you can make your photos look like they were taken with a professional camera, even if it was taken with a smartphone or tablet. Likewise, there are several specialized tools available that will help you identify and rectify defects in your photos. You will be able to remove red-eye, correct lens or lighting, or even remove smells or dusts. Advantages of Photivo Photivo is a powerful photo editor that will benefit both beginners and professionals. It is worth highlighting some of its advantages. The first thing that stands out about Photivo is its powerful features and options. Once you open it, you will be able to immediately start editing your photos and applying adjustments. It is a bit like a translator that will let you adjust colors, add special effects, or remove dusts. As you go through the program, you will see all the options and adjustments that are available in order to help you achieve aa67ecbc25

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Widely used in professional studios and now available at a reasonably priced price for everyone, Photivo is a Windows application that allows you to edit photos and RAW files. As a photo editor, it’s ideal for photographers, photo-managers, graphic designers, and anyone who wants to be able to edit photos quickly and easily. It’s available at a discounted price of just $36.99, (2-packs and single upgrades included). It provides a seamless integration with the darktable database editor, which makes it easy to access and manage your RAW files. Photivo integrates seamlessly with darktable, a separate full-featured database for RAW files, including U3 metadata support and a versioning system. Photivo is designed to be a versatile photo editor for photographers, graphic designers, enthusiasts, and students of photography. Users familiar with other programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Photoshop Express will find Photivo an easy transition to make. Photivo Features: – Multi-threading: The software supports multithreading (Multiple processor cores) to speed up the workflow. It also features four available, simultaneous editing modes: – Content-aware: This is the original mode of editing supported by photivo. It handles photo noise, uneven exposure, and color problems correctly. The original mode is unaffected by the editing setting, allowing you to customize the changes. – Content-preserving: It uses the same mode as the original but redefines its reference and filter settings. It’s intended to preserve and restore the original version of your photo and remove image artifacts without sacrificing quality. – Content-aware and Vignetting: The Content-aware mode is coupled with an optional vignetting filter. Using the same settings as the previous mode, it allows you to take advantage of the effect. – Content-aware and AE/AF point: Used with the content-aware mode and a simple point adjustment tool, you get better control over your retouching and add a refined look to the photo – Content-aware and Chrome: The Content-aware mode with the chrome feature is part of the advanced options. It allows you to reduce or increase the effect of chromatic and luminous aberrations without affecting the original content. – Content-aware and Hue: The Color Cleaner mode lets you quickly reduce light variations to

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Photivo is a powerful photo editor which delivers a robust set of features, ready to help users edit and improve the quality of their digital pictures. With a friendly interface, users can use this tool without any prior knowledge of photo editing. It offers both batch processing as well as direct image display and manipulation in the program’s window. The user can view numerous images at once and quickly work on them with predefined filters and adjustments. Performing a complete array of adjustments is simple thanks to a user-friendly interface. It is not necessary to familiarize with the editing process in order to work with Photivo, as it provides a step-by-step learning mechanism. Free photo editor app; multithreaded support The program delivers powerful processing algorithms and support for batch operations. These features come along with a simple GUI which provides access to most of the features from the top menu. In addition, it allows multiple image display and access to the files, offering users a quick and easy way to adjust their pictures. Five types of adjustments: Spot, Vignetting, Exposure, Sharpening, Denoising Take advantage of five different adjustments: Spot, Vignetting, Exposure, Sharpening, and Denoising. These adjustments help improve the quality of your images and reach good results. Create basic, intermediate and advanced adjustments Photivo can allow for image manipulation from basic to advanced levels. It can provide adjustments of various segments of the image; for instance, you can work on the background, adjusting contrast, brightness or exposure. Create, edit and share more Using Photivo, you can create and edit more than just photos. The program supports RAW files, TIFF files, JPEG images, BMP images and more. Furthermore, users can share more with their friends and families. Photivo is a Windows program. Photivo Crack is a highly powerful and simple photo editing software which is used to create the exceptional photos. It is a famous app which provides many editing tools and various filters. With the help of this tool, you can enhance and fix your image and give the best quality to them. It also updates the old photos with latest and fantastic styles. In addition, this tool supports a lot of operating system and compatible with all the platform like Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, and many others. This tool is very much famous due to its simplicity and easy to use and after using this tool you will get the best results. Key Features: The

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Processor: Pentium IV 3GHz or higher Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Disk: 8GB hard disk space Video Card: NVidia GeForce 9800 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 series Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card DirectX: Version 9.0 DirectX Rendering: Version 9.0 Additional Notes: 1.8 Gigabyte USB 2.0 Flash Drive included

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