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Although Photoshop includes many tools for design and editing, for beginners, a minimal knowledge of other applications such as Illustrator can be enough to get started. ## Getting Started with Photoshop The number one thing to know about Photoshop is that it’s simply a collection of tools — there is no set of actions that you have to follow to make a decent image. You can use Photoshop as an editor to edit images on your computer or on a scanner or camera, and you can create animations and digital illustration via a program such as After Effects. These applications aren’t necessary, but they can be powerful tools in your arsenal. A good number of books and tutorials are available to help you along in using Photoshop. You can also check out the Resources section in Chapter 12 for further information.

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Read our full Photoshop for iOS guide for more iOS photography tips and tricks. Photoshop is a software suite used for graphics, photography and video editing. It was originally created by the company Adobe in 1987, and Adobe added the program to their Creative Suite along with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop is a popular program for editing photographs, animations, websites and photos in Photoshop is a popular program for editing photographs, animations, websites and more, but most people don’t actually use Photoshop as its name says. There are also several versions of Photoshop, with different features. The free Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoshop for iOS, and Adobe Photoshop Elements are a couple examples. Some people still stick to traditional Photoshop software, but photo editing is changing, and most people are using graphic editing software or software for iOS nowadays. So if you’re looking to start creating graphics, you will need Photoshop. Photoshop is a powerful software but it isn’t user friendly. These are the features to look for when using Photoshop: Take Portrait Photos Easily There are lots of good mobile apps for mobile photography, but Photoshop is the best. For portrait photography, the best mobile app is the app provided by Apple itself. But, portrait photography is one of the most difficult tasks in mobile photography. Using the Portrait Mode in mobile photography, you can get the best quality result without too much difficulty. There are two portrait modes available in Photoshop. Portrait mode was added in the latest versions, but before that, you needed to turn Portrait on manually. To turn Portrait mode on manually, you can either go to image, mode, and then choose Portrait, or click the camera button that’s next to the shutter button and select Portrait mode from the menu. The easiest way to set the mode to Portrait is to simply leave it set to automatic. This is best since you’ll have time to set up your photo before taking it. After you’ve set the mode to Portrait, when you press the shutter button, you’ll have a better chance at getting a great photo. For example, you can see that the iPhone 8’s camera app automatically turns the mode to Portrait. Taking portraits can be difficult since it is a very difficult task to get the right lighting, framing, and 05a79cecff

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Q: How can I get the deepest key in a nested object by javascript I have a nested object like this : var obj = { “param”: [ { “name”: “p1”, “param”: [ { “name”: “p1”, “param”: [ { “name”: “p1”, “param”: [] } ] }, { “name”: “p2”, “param”: [] } ] }, { “name”: “p2”, “param”: [] } ] } I would like to retrieve the value of name for every key (param,param and param). Tried with Object.entries and.reduce but I got only the top-level keys. Do you have any idea how to achieve this? A: In that case you can use recursion and Map var obj = { “param”: [{ “name”: “p1”, “param”: [{ “name”: “p1”, “param”: [{ “name”: “p1”, “param”: [] }] }] }] }, result = Object.entries(obj).reduce((r, [k, v]) => { if (k.startsWith(‘param’)) r.push(v); else if (k === ‘param’) r.push(v); else if (k.startsWith(‘param’)) r.

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Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 SteamOS (Mac and Linux) Minimum: 1 GB RAM Core i3 Processor Graphics: ATI, Nvidia, Intel, Intel HD 1 GB graphics RAM Minimum: DirectX® 9.0c Maximum: DirectX® 11 Recommended: 2 GB RAM Core i7 Processor ATI, Nvidia, Intel, Nvidia GTX 3 GB graphics RAM Recommended: DirectX® 11





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